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18+ tamora pierce based court intrigue rpg
Since the fall of the Thanic Empire 500 years ago, Tortall has been one of the reigning kingdoms to emerge from the once shattered Eastern Lands. With the Kingdom having experienced nearly a century of peace, it now approaches a new dawn with the crown upon the brow of an ambitious King that desires one thing - more. Does Tortall face a new era of expansion, conquering her neighbours, or will she be torn asunder from the inside out?

EASTERN LANDS is an 18+ mature historical fantasy site based on Tamora Pierce's Tortall works. Focused on court intrigue and consequence of action, we are not for the faint of heart. Prepare to win, or die.

Chapter I: Autumn
Year 335 of the human era
September - November
With Her Majesty pregnant with her second child and the court aflurry with the coming season, Corus is buzzing with activity. Autumn days are growing long, and winter edges over Tortall with a nip of chill in the air. Down in the city, the people of Corus prepare for the cold days ahead with ample festivals and harvests coming in.

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Emry haMinch

"Your Grace" // Charlie Hunnam
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30; March 8th, 305 HE
Book of Gold
Duke//Knight of Tortall
Public Knowledge
• Tall (6'1")
• Has rarely been seen at court over the past decade preferring to spend his time either travelling or serving the crown.
• Made his reintroduction to Court in January when he arrived to swear his loyalty to the crown following the death of his brother.
Skills & Education
• While Emry wasn't a huge fan of his school work he still received a proper nobleman's education.
• best with sword, bow, and unarmed combat
• has a practical understanding of the histories, cultures, and geography of Tortall and its neighbors.
• skilled tracker and hunter.
• able to cook decent enough travel food.
• capable rider.
• knows how to mend his own clothes
Padraig haMinch b.272 d 332.,father
Margarry haMinch b.277 ,mother
Gavin haMinch b.298 d.334, brother
m. ---- haMinch (nee ----), b.310, sister-in-law
- Lianne haMinch, b. 333 niece
Annis of ----- b. 301 sister
Ilony of ---- b.309, sister
Kieran haMinch b. 311, brother
Lorine haMinch b.316, sister
Public vs. Private Persona
Emry is still trying to adjust to being back in court after years of absence and so his behavior is sometimes far from perfect. While he can be courtious his behavior isn’t exactly polished. He can be painfully blunt and isn’t always able to keep his temper in check, he isn’t particularly skilled at hiding any of his emotions.

He feels most at home surrounded by other warriors whether they be noble or men at arms. He’s quick to laugh and enjoys going out drinking and is good to have around if a fight breaks out.
305 - Padraig and Margarry welcome their second son, Emry.
310 - Along with his school work he begins bothering all the men at arms into letting him accompany them to training.
315 - Emry is sent to Corus to begin training as a page. He loved the work on the practice courts, first with staff and when they were deemed worthy to handle practice swords he felt a sense of satisfaction that made the bruises worthwhile. Sadly his dedication to weapons practice didn't always carry over into his lessons with the Mirthan Masters.
319 - Becomes a squire to ____ of ____
323 - His ordeal took place on the third night of midwinter and the chamber made him feel more helpless then he had ever thought possable. He wasn’t allowed to speak in the chamber, wasn’t allowed to scream. Not when he was kneeling in a pool of blood, how was there so much blood, or felt himself moving too slow, always too slow, never close enough, never in time, his limbs seemed to fight him, when he took a breath the air felt thick and heavy in his lungs. But the next morning he had passed and was knighted and did his best not to think about the things he had seen.
323-325 - Serves on the eastern border of Tortall.
326 - His father sends him to Tyra to retrieve an a couple of rare documents and artifacts that the man had been looking for for years, his desire to see some of their neighboring countries leads him to to travel over land, going through Tusaine and returning through Barzun.
329 - Attends court for both the funeral of King Roger and the coronation of King Jonathan.
330 - 331 Stationed on the southern Border near Blythdin
332 - Padraig haMinch dies in August, while Emry is saddened by the death it doesn't really change much for him accept that his brother started coming to him for advice on the men at arms since Emry had always had a better relationship with them. Emry spends the winter season in his family's Corus townhouse.
333-334 - Emry takes on Penelope of Trucha as a squire and then manages to get them a spot stationed on the Scanran border and proceeds to use that as an excuse to avoid returning to court. Practical experience is really the best thing for squires in his opinion.
334 - winter, Gavin haMinch dies in early November leaving only a young daughter and making Emry the new Duke a situation he felt completely unprepared for. Word is sent to Emry via mage. Despite the roads being almost impassable in places Emry must make his way back to Corus in order to be there by the first of the year.
335 January - March - tries to adjust all his new responsibilities while still in shock from his brothers death, starts a friendship with Gabriella of Bay Cove.
335 March - September - Accompanies the new ambassador to Barzun and returns at the end of summer with the previous ambassador's party.
335 October - Asks her Majesty the Queen as well as her parents for permission to court Gabriella of Bay Cove.

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