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18+ tamora pierce based court intrigue rpg
Since the fall of the Thanic Empire 500 years ago, Tortall has been one of the reigning kingdoms to emerge from the once shattered Eastern Lands. With the Kingdom having experienced nearly a century of peace, it now approaches a new dawn with the crown upon the brow of an ambitious King that desires one thing - more. Does Tortall face a new era of expansion, conquering her neighbours, or will she be torn asunder from the inside out?

EASTERN LANDS is an 18+ mature historical fantasy site based on Tamora Pierce's Tortall works. Focused on court intrigue and consequence of action, we are not for the faint of heart. Prepare to win, or die.

Chapter I: Autumn
Year 335 of the human era
September - November
With Her Majesty pregnant with her second child and the court aflurry with the coming season, Corus is buzzing with activity. Autumn days are growing long, and winter edges over Tortall with a nip of chill in the air. Down in the city, the people of Corus prepare for the cold days ahead with ample festivals and harvests coming in.

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 Character Concepts, Will they fit in?
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Jul 17 2017, 10:27 PM
A common occurrence upon roleplaying sites such as Eastern Lands is that you, the member, comes to us with characters you've played so long that they're like an old pair of jeans. The struggle is deciding whether or not that character belongs, and how they might do so.

Introducing Character Concepts, this thread is where you can come and post up a blurb about your character - as vague or specific as you like - and ask staff "Do they belong?". Staff will help you iron out the details and potentially find fitting jobs, groups, titles and the like that most successfully integrate your character into our lore and world. We hope that this allows members to feel more solidified in where their character is going when it comes to the profile writing.

How does this work?

Simply post up a blurb in reply to this thread. It can be as detailed or as vague as you feel necessary. Once you've posted it up, staff will reply with an edit discussing potential ways for your character to mesh with our world as organically as possible. They will also discuss any possible problems with the concept - like magic that doesn't exist in our lore, or the challenges of where they are from, etc.
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