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18+ tamora pierce based court intrigue rpg
Since the fall of the Thanic Empire 500 years ago, Tortall has been one of the reigning kingdoms to emerge from the once shattered Eastern Lands. With the Kingdom having experienced nearly a century of peace, it now approaches a new dawn with the crown upon the brow of an ambitious King that desires one thing - more. Does Tortall face a new era of expansion, conquering her neighbours, or will she be torn asunder from the inside out?

EASTERN LANDS is an 18+ mature historical fantasy site based on Tamora Pierce's Tortall works. Focused on court intrigue and consequence of action, we are not for the faint of heart. Prepare to win, or die.

Chapter I: Autumn
Year 335 of the human era
September - November
With Her Majesty pregnant with her second child and the court aflurry with the coming season, Corus is buzzing with activity. Autumn days are growing long, and winter edges over Tortall with a nip of chill in the air. Down in the city, the people of Corus prepare for the cold days ahead with ample festivals and harvests coming in.

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 Autumn, 335 He, Seasonal Information
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Oct 23 2017, 12:15 PM

Autumn, 335 HE

The lingering heat of summer has at last lifted off of Tortall, and the city of Corus settles in for the autumn months. Growing seasons are coming to an end, meaning harvests are starting to come into the city - which always calls for celebration. Throughout the months of autumn, nobility gradually filters in from their summer spent abroad at home fiefs and the like, while cityfolk... something.

Festivals & Events

The Annual Regatta
September 20th
In celebration of the fall equinox, Corus hosts a large Regatta on the Olorun river that ends in a grand race with the winner being invited to the Palace for a dinner in their honour. Food stalls thruoghout the city boast the changing variety that comes with the first harvests of the autumn seasons, including fresh breads and fruit pastries.

All Hallow's Eve
October 31st
Honouring the Black God and the souls of those lost, All Hallows is celebrated in the city via a large and spirited Masque hosted on the Common. Black is popular, as are creative costumes - with the themed costumes of the Players in attendance being notable. The Palace hosts a grand Masque in similar affair, with scriers and a local company of Players being invited as entertainment.

The Theatre Festival
November 6th-18th
For the span of a week, the streets of Corus are overtaken by numerous companies of Players and soloists seeking favor among the rich and poor alike. With the ultimate prize being patronage of the Crown for the next year and rights to perform on Midwinter, the companies are in steep competition with one another - meaning sabotage and frivolity all in one go.

Out Of character Updates

Hello, everyone! As you may have noticed, Eastern Lands is getting back on track and shaking off the dust after a few unexpected real life priorities for the staff. Coming back, we have decided to take a more casual and widespread approach to make things easier for everyone - this mostly means we are converting to a Seasonal timespan. Each "chapter" of Eastern Lands will focus on the season at hand, which will span the same time as the real world months - meaning we will change seasons every March, June, September, and December.

** This means that the first Chapter - Autumn, 335 - will only be a month long! We apologize, but look forward to Winter eagerly.

There are a few other changes about that old members may notice. If you have any questions regarding them, feel free to ask in our Discord #staff-help channel!

NaNoWriMo Challenge
November, 2017
November means National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo) is upon us! This year, Eastern Lands is launching on NaNoWriMo with a goal of 10,000 combined words written between all of our members. There might just be a surprise involved if we hit our goal, so good luck and happy writing!
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