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18+ tamora pierce based court intrigue rpg
Since the fall of the Thanic Empire 500 years ago, Tortall has been one of the reigning kingdoms to emerge from the once shattered Eastern Lands. With the Kingdom having experienced nearly a century of peace, it now approaches a new dawn with the crown upon the brow of an ambitious King that desires one thing - more. Does Tortall face a new era of expansion, conquering her neighbours, or will she be torn asunder from the inside out?

EASTERN LANDS is an 18+ mature historical fantasy site based on Tamora Pierce's Tortall works. Focused on court intrigue and consequence of action, we are not for the faint of heart. Prepare to win, or die.

Chapter I: Autumn
Year 335 of the human era
September - November
With Her Majesty pregnant with her second child and the court aflurry with the coming season, Corus is buzzing with activity. Autumn days are growing long, and winter edges over Tortall with a nip of chill in the air. Down in the city, the people of Corus prepare for the cold days ahead with ample festivals and harvests coming in.

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Welcome To Eastern Lands

The Site Premise

Welcome to Eastern Lands, a place in which romance, magic, political intrigue and scandal all intertwine together. With a focus on the higher echelons of society - the nobles and royals, and those that call them friend and foe - Eastern Lands (aka; "EL") strives to create a world of unflinching stories and consequence for better or worse. Here, we as writers focus not just on the good and glory of the world, but as well on what happens when something goes terribly wrong.

We are an 18+ Jcink Premium site which means EL is a "free-for-all" site. While we encourage trigger and content warnings, they are in no way required. Read at your own risk, and understand that we expect a certain level of maturity in the members of this community. Otherwise, happy writing and happy reading!


Despite being based on a collection that is currently 15+ books strong, we understand that not everyone we welcome onto Eastern Lands will be well versed or even remotely familiar with Tortall. In that light, we have gone to lengths to provide all the information you, the player, might require. Thorough, but also potentially overwhelming. Because of this, we have a quick recommendation of what to read first.

Besides the first five links listed to the left under "Basics", we recommend reading what information you need to know for the character you are planning on making. The vast majority of characters on site will be from Tortall, so be certain you read the Tortall atlas entry. Read over the organization or group your character is involved with to understand their training and dynamic. Give a look over society and reputation, as that is vital here. If your character possesses magic, thoroughly read the article pertaining to which type.

Beyond that, most everything else is "as needed", reference articles to further immerse you into the world. If at any time you have questions about what needs to be read or known, feel free to ask in our #staff-help channel on Discord.

genre and influences

Eastern Lands is described as a historical fantasy site, generally low fantasy despite the involvement of magic. In the world of Tortall and the Eastern Lands, the only "unusual" thing one will experience that does not or did not exist in the real world is aforementioned magic.

The vast majority of lore on Eastern Lands is derived from Tamora Pierce's Tortall works, of which you can read more about here: Tamora's Website. Otherwise, we are highly influenced by 17th century England and France, as far as architecture, fashion, and technology goes. Our plots - if you pay close enough attention to detail - are frequently based on real-world events throughout history between the 15th and 17th centuries.

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